Court Keeps Sierra Nevada Critical Habitat for Amphibians Intact
OEHHA Sets Draft Cancer Risk Guidelines for Cobalt
Schwarzenegger, De León Launch Initiative to Cut Vehicle Pollution
State Gives Progress Report on Nutria Eradication Push
Trump Administration Sues State Water Board Over Delta Water Flows
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Fines Utility over San Onofre Accident
Fiat-Chrysler Recalls Vehicles with Faulty Catalytic Converters
Newsom Declares Emergency to Speed Forest Fuel Reduction Projects
Appellate Court Rejects Second CEQA Suit Against Quarry Project
OEHHA Proposes Updated Public Health Goal for Pesticide DBCP
Deal Calls on State to Curb Whale and Turtle Entanglements from Crab Fishing Gear
Newsom Releases Details of Drinking Water Funding Plan, Other Budget Trailer Bills
Newsom Makes More Environmental Appointments
Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to San Francisco Office and Housing Project
Bill Would Prohibit Numerous Chemicals in Cosmetics
Proposed Bill Aims to Tackle Ocean Acidification, Fish Health and Water Quality
State Water Board Approves New Statewide Wetlands Regulations
OEHHA Finalizes Prop. 65 Warning Language for Residential Rental Properties
OEHHA Begins Consideration of Applying Prop. 65 to Acetaminophen and Cannabis Products
OEHHA Finalizes N-Hexane MADLs
OEHHA Proposes Level for Naturally Occurring Lead in Candy Containing Chili or Tamarind
Air Resources Board Proposes Stricter Standards for Off-Road Recreational Vehicles
San Francisco Bay Water Board Orders CalTrans to Address Trash Problem
Man Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Clean Water Act Violations
U.S. Supreme Court to Take on 9th Circuit Clean Water Act Decision
Appellate Court Rules that Coastal Commission Proper Venue for Permit Dispute
OEHHA Proposes Prop. 65 Safe Harbor Language for Rental Vehicle Companies
State Fire Marshal Proposes New Rules to Cut Oil Spill Risk Along Coast
State Water Board Kickstarts Statewide Testing for PFAS in Drinking Water
Natural Resources Agency Issues New Details on Bay-Delta Water Agreements