Volume 32, Issue 22

May 15, 2019

Story #1

CARB Model Rule Would Cut VOC Limits in Architectural Coatings

Story #2

Senate President Appoints Vanessa Delgado to the South Coast Air District Board

Story #3

State Forms Public-Private Effort to Fund Carbon Cuts on Farm Land

Story #4

Los Angeles Sets Tougher Climate and Environmental Targets

Story #5

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Rejects ESA Petitions for California Manzanita and Snail

Story #6

Judge Orders Company to Pay $3.35 Million Over Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Story #7

AG Announces Settlements With Distributors Selling Tainted Jewelry And Support For Stronger Legislation

Story #8

Agricultural Districts, San Francisco Sue over New State Wetland Regulations

Story #9

Newsom Orders New Approach to State Water Policy, Kills Delta WaterFix

Story #10

Newsom Proposes Revised Budget, Boosts Environmental Spending

Story #11

Newsom Makes Appointments to Natural Resources Agency, Other Agencies

Story #12

District Court Limits Tribe’s Claim to Coachella Valley Groundwater

Story #13

California Moves to End Use of Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Story #14

Trump Administration Issues Study of Fracking on Public Land in Central California

Story #15

State Issues Draft List of Groundwater Basins Needing to Curtail Pumping