Volume 32, Issue 1 and 2

July 1, 2018

Story #1

CARB Issues Draft Plan to Implement New Law Aimed at Cutting Local Air Pollution

Story #2

CARB Proposes Additional Changes to Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Story #3

CARB Moves to Gird Carbon Market after Ontario Announces Departure

Story #4

Federal Wildlife Officials Review Status of 50 Protected California Species

Story #5

Coastal Commission Proposes Settlement in Santa Barbara Coastal Access Fight

Story #6

Brown Names a Senior Advisor for Forests and Makes Other Appointments

Story #7

DTSC Floats Emergency Rule to Update Hazardous Waste Law Penalties

Story #8

State Appellate Court Deals another Blow to Truck and Bus Regulation Foes

Story #9

State Appellate Court Rules Malibu Beach Restoration Project Exempt from CEQA

Story #10

District Judge Tosses Climate Change Public Nuisance Lawsuit

Story #11

Equally Divided Supreme Court Upholds 9th Circuit Indian Fishing Rights Ruling

Story #12

Attorney General Says That New FDA Requirements for Warnings on Cigars Generally Comply With Prop. 65 Warning Requirements

Story #13

OEHHA Moves to Exclude Coffee From Prop. 65 Warning Requirement