Volume 33, Issue 2

July 15, 2019

Story #1

CARB Finalizes Rule Mandating Zero-Emission Airport Shuttles

Story #2

Bay Area Air District Considers Methane Limits on Composting Facilities

Story #3

State Lands Commission Cancels Offshore Oil and Gas Leases near Carpinteria

Story #4

Settlement Sets Deadline to Decide on Protection for Shasta Salamander

Story #5

Bureau of Land Management Considers Major Fuel Break Project

Story #6

Federal Court Tosses Trump Administration Bid to Help Desert Water Export Plan

Story #7

South Coast Air District Orders Animal Rendering Plant to Cut Odors

Story #8

Newsom Signs $214.8 Billion Budget, Ups Spending on Clean Water Projects

Story #9

Newsom Names New CPUC President, Makes Other Appointments

Story #10

Governor Signs Landmark Legislation on Utilities and Wildfires

Story #11

Trump Administration Issues Draft Review of Plan to Boost Delta Water Shipments

Story #12

Judge Orders Dismissal of Gnatcatcher Delisting Case Based on Plaintiffs Lack of Standing

Story #13

OEHHA Modifies Its Proposed Changes to Its Regulation Calculating Prop. 65 Exposure Levels in Food

Story #14

OEHHA Lists PCBTF Over Objections of Coating Associations

Story #15

OEHHA Symposium on Synthetic Food Dyes