Volume 32, Issue 5

September 1, 2018

Story #1

CARB Proposes Transit Bus Fleets to be Zero Emission by 2040

Story #2

CARB Issues Another Round of Proposed Changes to Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Story #3

CARB Secures Major Recall of Heavy-Duty Trucks Due to Excess Emissions

Story #4

Amazon Reaches $1.5 Million Settlement over Plastics Labeling

Story #5

State and Local Officials Reach $119.5 Settlement Over Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Story #6

Coastal Commission Fines Laguna Beach Couple $1 Million, Orders Seawall Removed

Story #7

Prosecutors Reach $1.5 Million Deal with Auto Repair Company over Hazardous Waste

Story #8

Supreme Court Paves Way for Trial in Children's Climate Change Case

Story #9

State Supreme Court Orders Three-Californias Proposition Off Ballot

Story #10

CEQA Review Not Necessary for Groundwater Well Permits, Appellate Court Rules

Story #11

State Pesticide Regulators Find Some Risk to Bees from Neonicotinoids

Story #12

OEHHA Issues Hazard Data for N-Nitrosohexamethyleneimine and Gentian Violet

Story #13

OEHHA To Make Safe Use Determination Related to Styrene in Bath Products

Story #14

Oil and Gas Regulators Propose Rules on Underground Injection and Idle Wells

Story #15

State Water Board Approves Final Recreational Water Quality Objectives

Story #16

State Water Board Puts Off Decision on San Joaquin River Flows

Story #17

Colorado River Regional Water Board Names New Executive Officer