ACC Takes Next Step in Its Challenge to Priority Product Listing of SPF Systems
DTSC Names Methylene Chloride Strippers as an SCP Priority Product
Governor Brown Makes Several Appointments to Prop. 65 Science Boards
California, Washington, and British Columbia Sign Pact on Forest Health and Climate Change
Settlement Reached Over Contractor Liability for Flat Fire
Court Strikes Down San Diego County Plan for Use of GHG Offsets
Brown Administration Signs Agreements with Trump Administration over Bay Delta
Air Resources Board Finalizes Cap-and-Trade Amendments
Appellate Court Rejects State Lands Commission Interpretation of Public Trust Doctrine
DTSC Increases Enforcement Actions Against Industry Lead Recycling Plant
Santa Clara County DA Sues Mushroom Farm for Alleged Water Pollution
U.S. EPA Reaches $2 Million Settlement to Investigate Clean Up of Mercury Mine
Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Issues Autonomous Vehicle Principles
San Francisco Regional Water Board Appoints New Executive Officer
State Issues Draft Update of California Water Plan
CARB Set to Mandate Zero-Emission Shuttles at State's Major Airports
Governor Newsom Makes Environmental Appointments
CEQA Review Failed to Properly Address Air Pollution Impacts, State High Court Rules
Pesticide Regulators to Allow Continued Use of Pesticides with Chlorthal-Dimethyl
State Water Board Issues New Amendments to Proposed Wetland Rules
OEHHA Risk Assessment on Food Dyes Could Lead to Regulation
OEHHA Finalizes Change to Safe Harbor Warning Language for Pesticides
OEHHA Extends Comment Deadline for Proposed Listing of p-Chloro-α,α,α-trifluorotoluene
Brown Administration Faces Setback in Approval for WaterFix Project
Prosecutors Charge San Diego Pair with Illegal Ivory Trafficking
Brown Makes Environmental Appointments
State Limits on Sale and Import of Ivory are Constitutional, Appellate Court Rules
State Water Board Approves Cuts to San Joaquin River Water Use to Aid Imperiled Fish
CARB Calls for More Action to Cut Vehicle Use and Meet Climate Targets
California Issues Legal Advisory on Migratory Bird Protections