CARB Issues List of First Communities for Targeted Anti-Pollution Push
OEHHA Sets Inhalation Cancer Risk Levels for Tert-Butyl Acetate
State Issues New Climate Change Assessment of Coming Threats and Actions
Humboldt Marten Gets California Endangered Species Act Protection
Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Investigate Fuel Storage Mishap at San Onofre Plant
Federal Agencies Agree to Develop Plans for Southern California Wild and Scenic Rivers
Brown Makes Appointments to Several Agencies and Panels
California High Court Upholds Referendum Power in Zoning Fight
Development Agreements Can’t Be Approved by Initiative, Appellate Court Rules
Brown Opposes Federal Move to Expand Oil and Gas Drilling in Central California
OEHHA Sets More Stringent Public Health Goals for Cis- and Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Supreme Court Paves Way for Trial in Children's Climate Change Case
State Supreme Court Orders Three-Californias Proposition Off Ballot
CEQA Review Not Necessary for Groundwater Well Permits, Appellate Court Rules
OEHHA Issues Hazard Data for N-Nitrosohexamethyleneimine and Gentian Violet
OEHHA To Make Safe Use Determination Related to Styrene in Bath Products
Oil and Gas Regulators Propose Rules on Underground Injection and Idle Wells
CARB Issues Another Round of Proposed Changes to Low Carbon Fuel Standard
CARB Secures Major Recall of Heavy-Duty Trucks Due to Excess Emissions
Amazon Reaches $1.5 Million Settlement over Plastics Labeling
State Water Board Approves Final Recreational Water Quality Objectives
Colorado River Regional Water Board Names New Executive Officer
CARB Proposes Transit Bus Fleets to be Zero Emission by 2040
State and Local Officials Reach $119.5 Settlement Over Aliso Canyon Gas Leak
Coastal Commission Fines Laguna Beach Couple $1 Million, Orders Seawall Removed
Prosecutors Reach $1.5 Million Deal with Auto Repair Company over Hazardous Waste
State Pesticide Regulators Find Some Risk to Bees from Neonicotinoids
State Water Board Puts Off Decision on San Joaquin River Flows
Trump Move to Rollback Greenhouse Gas Vehicle Rules Sparks Anger in California
CARB Proposes Revisions to Greenhouse Gas Truck Regulations