Volume 32, Issue 19

April 1, 2019

Story #1

Air Resources Board Proposes Stricter Standards for Off-Road Recreational Vehicles

Story #2

San Francisco Bay Water Board Orders CalTrans to Address Trash Problem

Story #3

Man Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Clean Water Act Violations

Story #4

State Water Board Reaches Settlements Over Underground Storage Tank Operations

Story #5

CARB and EPA Reach Several Settlements Over Alleged Illegal Auto Parts Sales

Story #6

Gov. Newsom Makes Environmental Appointments

Story #7

U.S. Supreme Court to Take on 9th Circuit Clean Water Act Decision

Story #8

Appellate Court Rules that Coastal Commission Proper Venue for Permit Dispute

Story #9

Trump Signs Public Lands Bill that Expands Protections for California Desert

Story #10

OEHHA Proposes Prop. 65 Safe Harbor Language for Rental Vehicle Companies

Story #11

State Fire Marshal Proposes New Rules to Cut Oil Spill Risk Along Coast

Story #12

State Water Board Kickstarts Statewide Testing for PFAS in Drinking Water

Story #13

Natural Resources Agency Issues New Details on Bay-Delta Water Agreements

Story #14

Los Angeles Commits to Recycling 100 Percent of Wastewater by 2035

Story #15

California, Six Other States, Agree to Voluntary Cuts of Colorado River Water Use